It’s our Birthday!

Box of Frogs is officially 10 years old, we are tadpoles no more! It seems only fitting that we make a big splash to celebrate in style and so have taken the opportunity to give our mature selves and fresh new look. With this in mind, we have had a brand re-launch which includes our sleek new website that maintains our ‘frog’ roots but reflects how we have evolved over our 10 years.

From Leaping

We wanted to take it a step further and have also re-vitalised our social media platforms where we will maintain a presence keeping you regularly up to date and in the loop with what we are up to and the projects that are keeping us busy. We want to share with you what inspires ‘Team Frog’ and let you experience first-hand our design process. We keep ourselves at the forefront of design trends and with our creative team at the helm we are always looking to develop a few trends of our own. If that wasn’t exciting enough we have also launched our ‘Frog Blog’ where we can keep you up to date in a bit more detail and get a little insight into what goes on ‘behind the scenes’. We aim to inspire you through our featured work that passes through our Design Studio. We will publish a few regular columns but there will also a variety of unique features, so make sure to regularly check back to keep up to date.


We already have some really exciting content lined up to share but if you have anything in mind that you would like to see from us, we would love to hear from you. Alternatively, why not let us know what inspires you or if you have visited a completed ‘Box of Frogs’ project that you can see on our website.


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