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Civic Design Award with FatFace


We have news…. We are very proud and excited Frogs as we were nominated for a Civic Design Award in conjunction with FatFace from the Godalming Trust. It was in the category of ‘Retail Refurbishment’ within the town.  The best part about this is… We WON!!!



Daisy, one of our lovely designers who worked on the Godalming project, attended the ceremony with FatFace and we were honoured to receive the award from the mayor. This project saw us working in a conservation area of the High Street that has a traditional English aesthetic. With this in mind, it was important to remain sensitive to the fabric of the building and its surroundings. We worked collaboratively with FatFace to create a shopfront that reflected the brand whilst considering the buildings position and historic setting.

FatFace GodalmingIt was such a delight to have the opportunity to mix with the community at this ceremony and hear first-hand that they appreciated our efforts. It was particularly warming that the Godalming Trust has this awards ceremony in place, where they take time to recognise the development within the town. It was a pleasure working in the community and a great effort by all, a job well done!

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