It’s Halloween, are you ready!

It is that time of year again, where getting spooked and scared with your knees trembling is considered fun! Yes, that’s right, it’s Halloween! We are so excited this year, especially as we were invited back to ‘Odds Farm Park’ to work with them in developing their design needs for their Halloween Festival 2016.

Odds Farm


Odds Farm Park is a family friendly venue near Beaconsfield which boasts an array of fun activities. In addition to the furry friends that you would expect to see on a farm, they also have play parks, animal feeding activities, tea rooms and a whole host of other options on offer. When Halloween rolls around, they like to mark it in style by putting on a Halloween Festival which runs daily from 21-31 October. They have puppet shows, arts and crafts, spooky story time, pumpkin carving and a Boo Barn.

Our friends at ‘Odds Farm Park’ asked us here at ‘Box of Frogs’ to assist in the design of the craft marquee and the show marquee, what a fun project. We created a Halloween theme that was of a child friendly nature, the colour palette was vibrant and reflective of the theme at hand. When all the artwork was in place, the farm looked fantastic and were confident their festival will be hugely successful again this year. It is always a pleasure working with the ‘Odds Farm’ team, as we have done in the past on a variety of projects, some of which are displayed of our website. We also look forward to working with them again on their upcoming Christmas festival, we can already feel the Christmas magic. But for now, let’s keep our pumpkins at the ready and let’s hope there isn’t too many bumps in the night. Happy Halloween everyone, have fun from everyone at Box Of Frogs!


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