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We thought it would be great to create a little series here on the ‘frog blog’ that gave a little insight into our designers. What their creative process is, what inspires them, styles they are interested and what they believe is exciting in the world of design. We give you a flavour of this through our social media output and this seems to capture attention. So, we thought we would take the time and create this series so we can go into a little more detail.


To kick things off we spoke with Louise, one of our designers that has worked on a variety of accounts within Box of Frogs. Louise shared with us an area of design that captures her interest, why she is inspired by it and gave some examples of projects she has worked on that fit into that style. Here is what she had to say…


“An aspect of design that I both enjoy and admire is ‘industrial interiors’. The use of metal, neutral tones, wood and vintage furniture creates an earthy feel as you strip everything back to its original purpose. This style can create a space that showcases the buildings natural beauty, in some cases it reveals parts of its history that was once hidden within the building.  Projects that I have worked on have shown elements of this type of industrial style, an example being Fat Face in Bluewater. 


This was one of the first stores where Fat Face wanted to strip back on wall finishes, leaving existing breezeblock and ductwork exposed and showcasing its natural state. Following the success of Bluewater, Fat Face Thame followed with this aesthetic. Within this project, they exposed an existing brick fireplace that had been covered and they also embraced the bare concrete floor.  I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work within this area of design as I believe it has provided me with inspiration that transcends into my role at Box of Frogs.”


Thame interior

If you enjoyed hearing from our team and would like to see similar pieces like this in the future then let us know in the comments below. Or if you have something specific you would like a member of our team to talk about then we would like to hear from you too.

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