5 Design Questions answered by our Senior Designer Jason

img_4812Today’s post is continuing on from the series we introduced last week that gave an insight into the thinking of our designers and advice and tips they would like to share. This week we decided to pose 5  design focussed questions to one of our Senior Designer’s ‘Jason’ and he was up for the challenge. Here is what he had to say when we sat down with him…


  1. Can you describe the nature of ‘Box of Frogs’ in terms of what they do as a business as if I knew nothing about the industry?

We are a Design and Build Consultancy. That means we can take a new or existing space and help a client to plan that area to meet their requirements. We can design the space to provide the best customer experience, gain the optimal aesthetic and manage the work through to project completion.


  1. What do you enjoy about being in the design industry and how would you describe your design approach?

What I like about being a designer is having a list of requirements from the client, then taking that list and achieving their vision within the given space. Whilst that may sound a simple task, in fact it can present several challenges that we need to overcome. For example, we could be working with a listed building or we may stumble into planning issues. I enjoy the problem-solving elements of my job and when it comes to designing the space, I think of it like completing a big jigsaw puzzle and I need to figure out the best way to make all the pieces to fit together.


  1. Do you think people who are not in the industry understand all the technical aspects of the job or do you believe they think it is all aesthetic based?

I think it depends what area of design you are working in. If you are talking about ‘concept design’ then you don’t need to consider the technical aspects because you are creating the ideal scenario. However, what we are doing at ‘Box of Frogs’ is taking the ideal scenario and applying that to real working situation. Therefore, whilst aesthetic is fundamental it is also equally important to effectively overcome all the technical components of the project.


  1. Taking all of what you have said into consideration, how do you ensure you capture the client’s brand personality within the design?

An option is to use the building to reflect the client’s brand personality. FatFace is a good example of that as they believe strongly in capturing the raw material of the building. This could be exposing brick walls, making use of concrete or real wood floorings and highlighting the natural beauty of the existing material. They are known for this style and therefore this enriches their brand within each store.


  1. What do you believe the future of design looks like? Or what is the next big thing within the industry?

I believe the next big thing that will be incorporated within retail design projects is more forms of digital interaction. We are already seeing some companies introduce this. For example, Argos have some stores that have an industrial feel to them and they have rows of iPads that the customer uses to complete their shopping experience. The aesthetic of the store is focused around this idea and I think there will be more progression into this type of interactive experience moving forward.


Our thanks to Jason for this interesting insight and we look forward to sitting down with another member of our team very soon!

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