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Interior design

Interior design

Do you ever look through interior design magazines, log on to Pinterest or visit a venue and think if only I could re-create that in my own home! You know what you like and what you think looks good but it feels unattainable or you don’t know how to tackle such a project. Well, Box of Frogs thought we would come up with some easy to follow tips that could help you design the room you have always desired but never dared try create.


As with most things in life planning is key. Before you rush to locate the nearest paint brush decide what you want the final result to look like. Then you can organise each element to get there. Here are our top tips to help you along:


  • A great starting point is to create a moodboard, this will help you gather a colour palette, fabrics, textures, and inspiration. Having a visual in front of you provides clarity and makes it easier to process your thoughts and ideas. Start with a colour that runs throughout your entire home and then make adaptations within each room to define each space.


  • Having investment pieces that make a statement within the room that you really love are worth the extra effort. They create an impactful focal point.


  • You can create more depth within the room by installing a variety of heights using furniture, shelving and art. This will create the illusion of a taller and larger space.


  • Don’t be afraid of accent colours but be selective and stick to two or three within a room. You can add bolder colours with art, frames, cushions, and rugs. This will make the room feel more cohesive and create a more interesting visual flow.


  • Mirrors are always a good idea but again, you should be selective. One statement mirror will be more impactful than a variety of smaller non- descript mirrors scattered around.


  • When selecting a sofa, chair or dining table go for the pieces you love! Don’t focus on the dog getting mud everywhere or if it will show dirt too easily. Select pieces that you get excited about and reflect your style otherwise you may regret it later.


  • Play with texture – wooden floors, shag pile rug, knitted cushions. If colour doesn’t excite you then texture will be your best friend.


  • Mix and match your accessories. A combination of sentimental pieces and collectables will provide more of an eclectic vibe. This will develop character that you simply can’t by.


  • Avoid having artwork for the sake of it – select pieces that speak to you.


  • Don’t be afraid of cushions and pillows. They can be a little extra work especially in a bedroom setting when you have to remove and replace them every day. However, they are the icing on the cake for a well-designed room.


Follow these interior design tips and you will have the home you desire in no time! Let us know how you get on, we would love to hear from you.

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