Christmas retail window displays, our thoughts!

The Christmas spirit is well and truly here! The lights are twinkling, the

festive tunes are playing and it is now perfectly acceptable to eat chocolate

for breakfast.


One of our favourite things about Christmas is discovering all

the festive window displays and seeing what concept each store decides upon.

The aim of the display is to capture the magical essence of Christmas that

evokes the festive spirit for both adults and children that create lasting


Typical Christmas treats that you can expect to see are candy canes,

crackers, ginger bread men, baubles, nutcrackers, fairy lights and

mistletoe. The challenge for retailers is deciding how they can incorporate

these staple Christmas symbols in a new and unique way. Below is a stunning

example from a pop-up store in Rome that we just had to capture. Lighting

has placed an important role in structuring the overall presentation of this store. It’s

also a beautiful blend of traditional Christmas pieces such as the tree, penguins and

reindeer but has been designed with a contemporary twist through the use of



Retailers sometimes opt to design the window itself with things like oversized

ribbons, bows and wrapping paper that help to create the perfect aesthetic for

festive or seasonal products or pieces. One really fun concept that we have

previously seen was the window appearing as if it had been wrapped in Christmas

paper. There were parts of the window where the paper had been ‘ripped open’ and

this is where you could see the mannequins dressed with store clothing.

Other elements that stores will consider is lighting and what type will work

best with their overall concept. This could involve downlights, spotlight,

LED’s, fairy lights or a combination. They will also want to choose a theme and

whether they wish to go down a traditional or contemporary route. Their text

will also be an important factor in terms of their slogans, fonts and how they

display the text. As you can see below we captured John Lewis in Edinburgh,

where they have gone for a winter traditional theme.


Have you seen any window displays that really stood out to you? If so, then we

would love you to share them with us on our Instagram and twitter. Tell us why

they made you feel all Christmas like!

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