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It is important to always keep your finger on the pulse within your industry. We hear at ‘Box of Frogs’ are no different. Trends are fluid and they are always changing and evolving. Today we thought we would talk about some of the recent retail design trends.


The retail sector has incurred a transitional time and as a result they have had to re-think what they can offer their customer. With the evolution of online shopping that allows customers to browse and purchase with ease and convenience from their devices. Retail stores need to offer something that entices customers into the store and provides them with a memorable experience. Here are a few design trends that we have seen transition into retail spaces recently.



 Apple store

One of the most popular trends hitting the retail sphere is minimalism. We have all heard the phrase ‘less is more’ and it would appear some retailers are adopting this philosophy. For example, ‘Apple’ stores always appear stark, clean, and almost industrial. Instead of shelves of products they have opted for free-standing benches displaying their products. They are all turned on and ready to use so customers can try before they buy as it were. This allows for a more interactive experience and provides the customer with something they could not achieve through purchasing online.


Natural Materials

Helmsley FatFace

The use of natural materials or indeed exposing them is very on trend. It creates a relaxed and authentic atmosphere which in turn allows for an enjoyable shopping experience. Incorporating natural elements can be done in a variety of ways, flooring, wall coverings and fixtures. Working with FatFace has seen us here at ‘Team Frog’ embrace the use of natural materials and develop our designs based on this concept. FatFace often select retail space that allows you to bring life into tired buildings by nurturing the different textures that exist within the space.  A fantastic example of this was their Helmsley store that started as a derelict pub but we transformed it into a stunning and visually impactful store. You can see more pictures here:





As we are living in a technology dominated society, retail wants to join in and bring their customers the most interactive experience they can. Whether it be self-checkout, scanning what you wish to purchase as you journey through the store or indeed checking stock availability. Other directions stores have taken to incorporate technology is utilising big screens to showcase products/services or displaying the technology they would like you to purchase allowing you to play around to see how it works. Interestingly, Argos which was originally a catalogue based concept have seized the technological opportunity. In their new stores, they have adopted the use of ipads to shop for your products. Additionally, they have installed the large screens with the minimalist store layout we spoke of above.


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