Retail spaces with a unique, modern twist

As retail and leisure designers, here at Box of Frogs we do like to see interesting and perhaps non-conventional retail spaces. We thought we would talk about a few examples that have become trends in recent years that have captured our attention.


Pop-up stores –

Pop-up stores have become increasingly popular among retailers. The pop-up retail space is a temporary venue. This allows brands to showcase collections or promote specific merchandise. Customers are attracted to the pop-ups to view items that are usually special or unique in some way for example, a product launch. There are various benefits to pop-ups such as marketing, testing products, locations, or markets, and as a low-cost way to start a business. A pop-up store can take an otherwise empty or dark location and turn it into a vibrant space that drives traffic and spurs future activity.Pop-up store retail spaces


Phone boxes –

The red phone box was introduced in 1936 by architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott but began being phased out in the 1980’s in favour of open kiosks which were considered safer. In the technological age we live in the requirement of phone boxes has rapidly diminished. Telecom giant BT decided to sell off these iconic red boxes and encouraged communities to turn them into functional spaces. An interesting take on this concept was initiated by two businessmen from Brighton and with that the ‘Red Kiosk Company’ was born.  A retail chain that operates from these very red telephone boxes. The first two self-contained food and beverage kiosks within the shell of these iconic boxes were launched on New Road, near Pavilion Gardens in Brighton in June 2014. On their website, they explain their objective –

“Our aim is to redefine the usage to suit modern day needs and requirements without compromising their external appearance.”

Other uses of these iconic boxes have been libraries, art galleries and interestingly mobile phone repair phone box retail spaces


If there are any unique retail spaces that have captured your attention that you want to share we would love to hear from you in the comments below or over on our socials.

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