Does Design Matter in a Retail Space

Today we are posing the question: Does design matter in a retail space? In a word, yes! When design is considered as an integral part of the brand it signifies an investment in the future. It allows you to build a relationship with your customers by giving them something to relate too.

Effective design can create aesthetically impactful spaces and allow you to communicate a message to your customers. It further provides an opportunity to create a brand experience that builds loyalty with your customer base. Design is at the core when it comes to retailers wishing to speak to their customer base and highlight their point of view.

retail spaceWhen designing a retail space, the objective is naturally highlighting the products in the best way to generate sales. For example, a shoe store such as Office requires a multitude of large shelving units that can display the shoes in an easy to browse style. Whilst a clothes store such as FatFace needs a more open free flowing space that will fully showcase their latest collections. That space must be designed in a way that creates the perfect environment for the consumer to experience and purchase the products. Ambiance is key to making customers and colleagues feel comfortable as well as excited by products.

All retail spaces need to create their own identity, a unique aesthetic that entices customers into the store. The frontage is your advertisement, the window display is your opportunity to sell what’s inside, all working together to attract consumers in store. And once in the store, you must have a space that works for the products you are selling. Collectively this will heighten the shopping experience.

retail spaceUsing a design consultancy will ensure that important attributes such as lighting, circulation plan, fixtures and shop fittings are all tackled in the best way possible. Thus ensuring your brand identity is clearly represented throughout the store whilst making the best use of the space in terms of functionality and shopping experience. Design consultancy’s will also have strong working relationships with select contractors and suppliers. This will result in helping realise your designs ambition on budget and to the highest standards.

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