A Roundup of our projects throughout March

It has been a busy month for the ‘Box of Frogs’ team with quite a few projects going to handover. We thought we would collate some of the standout pictures to give you a feel of what the team have produced throughout the month.


Working with our FatFace client we completed two refurbishment projects, located within their Padstow and Dartmouth stores. The results were stunning with some stand out furniture pieces incorporated into the design that complement the overall aesthetic.




We have also been working on some exciting ‘new store’ projects for the brand, both in the UK and the US. Some of these stores don’t officially open until the very end of March but we will be sure to share completed pictures with you over on our socials when they open. We can however, share this stunning St Neots store which opened in mid-March. We were thrilled to develop the design of this store. It featured stripped back walls that exposed the brick and beams. This created a stunning aesthetic that showcased the fantastic FatFace offering.

St Neots

St Neots


March saw us handover some exciting new stores to our Costa client which had us all over the UK. They say the best things come in small packages! We believed this to be true in the case of our Southend Victoria Station Costa project. This store opened at the beginning of March and I am sure you will agree it sums up the phrase ‘small but perfectly formed’!



A fantastic new drive thru store was also completed in the perfect location of Cheshire oaks, Home to the UK’s largest designer outlet shopping complex.Cheshire Oaks

Cheshire oaks

Just this week we completed handover for this beautiful Costa in the historical town of Carlisle. This store is ideally located outside the railway station whilst also being nestled between two hotels. Plenty of passing footfall and the ideal pit stop after a long journey!



What a busy and fantastic month at Team Frog, we cannot wait to see what April brings. To see more of our latest projects please follow us on our socials, all links below.

Front of House Design

Our specialism at ‘Box of Frogs’ is retail and leisure design. Therefore, we thought we’d take the opportunity to chat about the importance of ‘Front of House Design’. Naturally, clients want to create a space that is aesthetically impactful to their customers. It’s also important that the FOH design represents the brand. However, there are many other factors to consider to ensure the design is functional and makes the best use of the space.

The layout is one of the most important considerations when designing a retail space.  The proximity of the till points, seating areas and products have a significant impact on the success of the store. A poorly laid out space will add to the workload of the store. In contrast however, a well organised space will be easier to manage. For example, a typical Costa Pronto store FOH layout is designed to maximise speed and efficiency of service.Pronto

Pronto stores generally have a smaller footprint. Therefore, the layout is crucial to facilitate the speed of service and anticipated heavy footfall. The customer experience is hinged upon the FOH layout of the space. Simple thought out solutions can create an organic flow that is pleasant for customers and sets the tone as soon as they enter the store. For example, a wider main entrance utilising bi-folding doors, where feasible, maximises customer flow. Upon entry, the customer journey begins with multi-deck units positioned either side of entrance where possible. An eye catching product offer & display encourages the customer to make their product selection. From here customers move straight onto the counter to place their order. They can select products from the impulse buy section on the counter should they wish too. Finally, the customer pays for their chosen products before navigating to the exit.

costa prontoThe aim in this design is to create an experience that increases repeat business, brand loyalty and positive word of mouth. This is achieved by providing speed of service and efficiency when serving customers combined with them leaving with the products they wanted. In turn the customer is hopefully satisfied & recommends the brand.

As we mentioned above the visual design is extremely important FOH. You want your customer to feel something as they enter the store. Whether this is warm and inviting or upbeat and hip, the brand’s personality should immediately translate upon their arrival. Aesthetically, there are an abundance of options. A current trend has seen retailers embrace the natural fabric of a building and use it in a positive way within the space. Costa Pronto finishes have been selected to promote speed, slickness and are limited to a smaller colour palette due to the typically smaller footprints of these stores. Artwork & graphics have also been designed specifically to reflect the feeling of speed eg. ‘TAKE me AWAY’ or ‘BEAT the CLOCK’.Take me away

You may also consider design solutions in spaces that pose further challenges. This may involve creating the illusion of space in smaller premises. You can achieve this by elevating the ceiling height to create depth. This provides the feeling of a larger, open space.Costa internal

We would love to hear about stores that have stood out to you because of their FOH design and why in the comments below. Even better, share your pictures with us over on our social channels.

It’s Halloween, are you ready!

It is that time of year again, where getting spooked and scared with your knees trembling is considered fun! Yes, that’s right, it’s Halloween! We are so excited this year, especially as we were invited back to ‘Odds Farm Park’ to work with them in developing their design needs for their Halloween Festival 2016.

Odds Farm


Odds Farm Park is a family friendly venue near Beaconsfield which boasts an array of fun activities. In addition to the furry friends that you would expect to see on a farm, they also have play parks, animal feeding activities, tea rooms and a whole host of other options on offer. When Halloween rolls around, they like to mark it in style by putting on a Halloween Festival which runs daily from 21-31 October. They have puppet shows, arts and crafts, spooky story time, pumpkin carving and a Boo Barn.

Our friends at ‘Odds Farm Park’ asked us here at ‘Box of Frogs’ to assist in the design of the craft marquee and the show marquee, what a fun project. We created a Halloween theme that was of a child friendly nature, the colour palette was vibrant and reflective of the theme at hand. When all the artwork was in place, the farm looked fantastic and were confident their festival will be hugely successful again this year. It is always a pleasure working with the ‘Odds Farm’ team, as we have done in the past on a variety of projects, some of which are displayed of our website. We also look forward to working with them again on their upcoming Christmas festival, we can already feel the Christmas magic. But for now, let’s keep our pumpkins at the ready and let’s hope there isn’t too many bumps in the night. Happy Halloween everyone, have fun from everyone at Box Of Frogs!