A Roundup of our projects throughout March

It has been a busy month for the ‘Box of Frogs’ team with quite a few projects going to handover. We thought we would collate some of the standout pictures to give you a feel of what the team have produced throughout the month.


Working with our FatFace client we completed two refurbishment projects, located within their Padstow and Dartmouth stores. The results were stunning with some stand out furniture pieces incorporated into the design that complement the overall aesthetic.




We have also been working on some exciting ‘new store’ projects for the brand, both in the UK and the US. Some of these stores don’t officially open until the very end of March but we will be sure to share completed pictures with you over on our socials when they open. We can however, share this stunning St Neots store which opened in mid-March. We were thrilled to develop the design of this store. It featured stripped back walls that exposed the brick and beams. This created a stunning aesthetic that showcased the fantastic FatFace offering.

St Neots

St Neots


March saw us handover some exciting new stores to our Costa client which had us all over the UK. They say the best things come in small packages! We believed this to be true in the case of our Southend Victoria Station Costa project. This store opened at the beginning of March and I am sure you will agree it sums up the phrase ‘small but perfectly formed’!



A fantastic new drive thru store was also completed in the perfect location of Cheshire oaks, Home to the UK’s largest designer outlet shopping complex.Cheshire Oaks

Cheshire oaks

Just this week we completed handover for this beautiful Costa in the historical town of Carlisle. This store is ideally located outside the railway station whilst also being nestled between two hotels. Plenty of passing footfall and the ideal pit stop after a long journey!



What a busy and fantastic month at Team Frog, we cannot wait to see what April brings. To see more of our latest projects please follow us on our socials, all links below.

Upcycling and how designers can use it within retail spaces


Upcycling is one of the most popular interior design trends of the decade. Upcycling brings with it opportunities for show-stopping innovation, unlimited personalisation and utterly unique combinations of old and new styles. Upcycled furniture creates intriguing interiors that are individual. It’s an opportunity for retailers to express their individuality.


What is upcycling?

Upcycling is the process of making new from old: creating beautiful new designs by renovating, repurposing or redesigning unwanted items or materials.

Upcycling is all about personality, preserving rather than destroying the original character of reused objects and infusing them with the quirks of the upcycler’s imagination. Upcycled items and materials are totally unique. Every piece has a story to tell and they exude individuality which can only be limited by the upcycler’s ingenuity.


Retailers that are embracing upcycling

Designers including ourselves are upcycling materials to both update in-store aesthetics and create a new design concept entirely. Our work with FatFace has shown that this aesthetic can create an edgy design that appeals to their customer base. It is important that the design concept you create for the retailer represents their personality and ethos.

FatFace describe their ethos on their website by saying ““absolutely everything we do is designed to be loved by all our customers for life outside the 9 to 5”. “This sentiment influences every part of our business from product development and marketing right through to our store designs.”



Embracing the use of metal, neutral tones, reclaimed wood and vintage furniture creates an earthy feel as you strip everything back to its original purpose. This style can create a space that showcases the buildings natural beauty, in some cases it reveals parts of its history that was once hidden within a building. All combined help to encompass the message FatFace look to transcend to their customer.


Our work with upcycling

An example would be our work on the FatFace St Pancras store. This was a listed building and therefore we retained the beautifully exposed brick arches. This preserved the natural beauty of the building whilst simultaneously complimenting the personality of the brand.

We also worked on their Helmsley store which was initially a derelict pub. We drew inspiration from the natural features and fabric of the building, retaining and exposing stone walls, wooden floors and fireplaces. We also had two 16th century heavily carved Jacobean doors which we incorporated into the design and became stunning wall features.


Executed correctly upcycling can create a beautiful space that is unique and eclectic. If you have been inspired by the upcycling trend please comment below or share your pictures with us over on our socials. All links below.


Does Design Matter in a Retail Space

Today we are posing the question: Does design matter in a retail space? In a word, yes! When design is considered as an integral part of the brand it signifies an investment in the future. It allows you to build a relationship with your customers by giving them something to relate too.

Effective design can create aesthetically impactful spaces and allow you to communicate a message to your customers. It further provides an opportunity to create a brand experience that builds loyalty with your customer base. Design is at the core when it comes to retailers wishing to speak to their customer base and highlight their point of view.

retail spaceWhen designing a retail space, the objective is naturally highlighting the products in the best way to generate sales. For example, a shoe store such as Office requires a multitude of large shelving units that can display the shoes in an easy to browse style. Whilst a clothes store such as FatFace needs a more open free flowing space that will fully showcase their latest collections. That space must be designed in a way that creates the perfect environment for the consumer to experience and purchase the products. Ambiance is key to making customers and colleagues feel comfortable as well as excited by products.

All retail spaces need to create their own identity, a unique aesthetic that entices customers into the store. The frontage is your advertisement, the window display is your opportunity to sell what’s inside, all working together to attract consumers in store. And once in the store, you must have a space that works for the products you are selling. Collectively this will heighten the shopping experience.

retail spaceUsing a design consultancy will ensure that important attributes such as lighting, circulation plan, fixtures and shop fittings are all tackled in the best way possible. Thus ensuring your brand identity is clearly represented throughout the store whilst making the best use of the space in terms of functionality and shopping experience. Design consultancy’s will also have strong working relationships with select contractors and suppliers. This will result in helping realise your designs ambition on budget and to the highest standards.

Happy New Year from Box of Frogs!

It’s a New Year and were so excited to be back and see what 2017 has in store! From everyone at Box of Frogs we wish you all a very Happy New Year. Here at BOF HQ we have hit the ground running with our 50th Costa Drive Thru handover opening today in Ashton Moss Under Lyne. It is looking fantastic and we wish the team at Ashton Moss the very best of luck. We are sure you will have a great day with many more to come. Here at Box of Frogs were looking forward to continuing working with our friends at Costa in the coming months.ashton-moss

Before our Christmas break we spoke about our 2016 highlights in a post and discussed the exciting work that we carried out. FatFace played a big role in our projects in 2016 both here in the UK and across the pond in the USA. It was also a big year for FatFace as they opened their doors for the first time in the USA. We are looking forward to continuing this journey with them in 2017 and to see more about their USA stores click here – Newport

Towards the end of last year, we had a lot of fun with local business ‘Odds Farm Park’ on seasonal Halloween and Christmas festivals. Working on projects that incorporate current festivities such as these is a little bit like being a kid in a candy store. We are excited to see what ‘Odds Farm Park’ have in mind in the future and with the success they had with their festivals in 2016 we are sure there are many more exciting events in the coming year.Christmas festival

We have a busy year ahead with some new and exciting projects in the works that we cannot wait to share with you. We also look forward to continuing sharing a variety of design content that we are sure will capture your interest. If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you either in the comments below or over on our socials. All links are below.


If you have any retail or leisure design needs, then you can find all our contact information on our website or follow the link.

Our team chat about: Inspired design styles

We thought it would be great to create a little series here on the ‘frog blog’ that gave a little insight into our designers. What their creative process is, what inspires them, styles they are interested and what they believe is exciting in the world of design. We give you a flavour of this through our social media output and this seems to capture attention. So, we thought we would take the time and create this series so we can go into a little more detail.


To kick things off we spoke with Louise, one of our designers that has worked on a variety of accounts within Box of Frogs. Louise shared with us an area of design that captures her interest, why she is inspired by it and gave some examples of projects she has worked on that fit into that style. Here is what she had to say…


“An aspect of design that I both enjoy and admire is ‘industrial interiors’. The use of metal, neutral tones, wood and vintage furniture creates an earthy feel as you strip everything back to its original purpose. This style can create a space that showcases the buildings natural beauty, in some cases it reveals parts of its history that was once hidden within the building.  Projects that I have worked on have shown elements of this type of industrial style, an example being Fat Face in Bluewater. 


This was one of the first stores where Fat Face wanted to strip back on wall finishes, leaving existing breezeblock and ductwork exposed and showcasing its natural state. Following the success of Bluewater, Fat Face Thame followed with this aesthetic. Within this project, they exposed an existing brick fireplace that had been covered and they also embraced the bare concrete floor.  I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work within this area of design as I believe it has provided me with inspiration that transcends into my role at Box of Frogs.”


Thame interior

If you enjoyed hearing from our team and would like to see similar pieces like this in the future then let us know in the comments below. Or if you have something specific you would like a member of our team to talk about then we would like to hear from you too.

Civic Design Award with FatFace


We have news…. We are very proud and excited Frogs as we were nominated for a Civic Design Award in conjunction with FatFace from the Godalming Trust. It was in the category of ‘Retail Refurbishment’ within the town.  The best part about this is… We WON!!!



Daisy, one of our lovely designers who worked on the Godalming project, attended the ceremony with FatFace and we were honoured to receive the award from the mayor. This project saw us working in a conservation area of the High Street that has a traditional English aesthetic. With this in mind, it was important to remain sensitive to the fabric of the building and its surroundings. We worked collaboratively with FatFace to create a shopfront that reflected the brand whilst considering the buildings position and historic setting.

FatFace GodalmingIt was such a delight to have the opportunity to mix with the community at this ceremony and hear first-hand that they appreciated our efforts. It was particularly warming that the Godalming Trust has this awards ceremony in place, where they take time to recognise the development within the town. It was a pleasure working in the community and a great effort by all, a job well done!